Solution Provider: Orbicon Informatics

Name of the organisation

Aqua Alarm

Contact Person

Hasse Storebakken

Targeted Markets: Beyond Europe

Description of the Solution

BiWAS - Biological Water Alarm System Sensors for distributed installation in the drinking water network. There are three things that make BiWAS stand out from all other comparable products;
1) It provides «real time monitoring»
2) It monitors a broad spectrum of toxicants, pathogens and (future) carcinogens
3) It does this in a very cost-effective way because of micro and nano technology

Main Innovative Element:

Modular Lab on Chip, micro and nano technology enables a solution that is small enough to install cheaply along the drinking water network. Among the technologies we use are
-living cells that emit varying luminescence dependent on exposure
-micro light sources and fluorescence measurements

Kinds of Problems

- Reduce unnecessary water analyses and concentrate on the risks that really matter, including biological dangers and terror.
- Ensure broad spectrum monitoring and continuous monitoring throughout the whole water supply network.