Solution Provider: ARCTIK (on behalf of DG Environment of the European Commission)

Name of the organisation

ARCTIK (on behalf of DG Environment of the European Commission)

Contact Person

Riikka Pohjankoski

Targeted Markets: Europe

Description of the Solution

The EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a tool to help innovative environmental technologies reach the market. Claims about the performance of innovative environmental technologies are verified by qualified third parties called Verification Bodies. Each successful verification is issued a Statement of Verification which can be used as evidence that the claims made about the innovation are both credible and scientifically sound. With proof of performance credibly assured, innovations can expect an easier market access and/or a larger market share and the technological risk is reduced for technology purchasers.

Main Innovative Element:

Verification under EU-ETV is neither a pass or fail system nor a certification against a set of pre-defined criteria or standards. Instead, it is a dynamic process involving the proposer as much as the entities responsible for the verification tasks aiming at:

· an independent proof of verifiable performance parameters;
· a way to validate innovative technological features which satisfy specific user needs;
· a tool to demonstrate an added value for the environment.

The programme is targeted at environmental technologies whose value cannot be proved through existent standards or certification schemes and whose claims could benefit from a credible verification procedure as a guarantee to investors.

Kinds of Problems

Currently, a technology that performs well above normal standards or that presents an innovative approach to solve an environmental problem can face difficulties in penetrating the market due to lack of independent and credible evidence of its advantages. On the other hand, technology purchasers or investors committed to finding the best solution for their situation are often faced with non-comparable, incomplete or non-trustworthy performance information when assessing the available choices on the market.
The concept of the Environmental Technology Verification programme is to offer a verification procedure to cutting edge environmental technologies that may otherwise find it difficult to establish their environmental added value.