Solution Provider: EURECAT-CTM

Name of the organisation

Orbicon Informatics

Contact Person

Anna Gimenez Pujol

Targeted Markets: Europe

Description of the Solution

Zero Liquid Discharge desalination: brine treatment based on EDM and valuable compound recovery. The ZLD technololgy decreases the overall environmental impact of desalination systems by adopting brine management strategies based on EDM + Compound Recovery strategies (ZLD). The techology allows the recovering of salts (with high efficiency) providing a new resources and reducing the environmental impact and costs due to brine disposal (inland)

Main Innovative Element:

The main innovation elements of the technology are:
The solution is very cost-effective - reducing the waste generated and the cost of brine treatment.
Use of electrodyalisis: Water recovery and High salinity effluents
Electrodialysis Methatesis (EDM)
Electrodialysis Methatesis (EDM): innovative arrangement of ion exchange membranes, designed to separate concentrate into two streams of highly-soluble salts
Advanced solar evaporation - advanced control based on physical model: optimization of the control of air and water conditions, air circulation, minimization of the heat losses.

Kinds of Problems

- Reducing the treatment of brines - indland disposal
- Reduce the the waste volume generated
- Promoting circular economy with the recovery of valuable salt