Solution Provider: European Junior Water Programme

Name of the organisation

European Junior Water Programme

Contact Person

Naomi Timmer
Johan Oost

Targeted Markets: Europe

Description of the Solution

The European Junior Water Programme offers a unique opportunity to boost your career in European water management. A two-year programme for networking, transferring knowledge and the necessary soft skills to work together. In a globalized world where boundaries seem to fade and neither water nor climate change stop at borders. We need to adopt an integrated approach at a European level if we want our future to be sustainable. One of the major challenges within water management are the rapid developments in big data and digital applications. The next generation has different and complementary skills which should be used and integrated in the European water sector. In the programme we will find ways to stimulate this and exchange knowledge. For more information about the benefits for your organization, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Join the programme to work together on a water smart society in Europe!

Main Innovative Element:

- Network of junior employees throughout Europe;
- Future European water leader programme;
- Training and masterclasses on latest innovations and challenges;
- Trans disciplinary and transnational programme;
- Co-creation for solutions of real life cases.
Innovation was never more ready at hand!

Kinds of Problems

- Lack of European focussed training programme combining soft skills / knowledge distribution on latest innovation.
- Limited access of junior employees of European networks