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Water Market Europe 2018
Market & Investment for Innovative Digital Solutions

21st of March 2018 Brussels - Blue Point

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Water Market Europe offers a platform for an informed and involved dialogue among the largest industries and SMEs of the water sector, investors, utilities, regions and cities. WME enables a range of profiles from across the whole water value chain to gain new insights on how we can bridge the gap between problem owners and solution providers in the water sector; how innovation can reach the market and how investors can facilitate to overcoming the valley of death and giving life to innovative digital ideas.

What is the vision behind WME

WME is an event cycle that intends to open up new pathways for investment within the water sector by providing more visibility to ground-breaking technological and non-technological affordable solutions. WME aims at generating new opportunities by bringing innovative solutions and technologies into the market; by enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit in the water sector and creating an attractive investment environment; and by fuelling the competitiveness of the European water market from within.


WME brings together all the aspects of the European water sector. Whether you are a large company or an SME, a problem owner or a solution provider, a much promising project or a new-born innovative idea, WME18 offers you the chance to connect with a targeted audience, compiled by influential water stakeholders such as leading actors and water companies, investors, EC’s representatives, SMEs, financial experts and utilities.


Finding new partners that can play a role in getting your idea off the ground seems challenging? Do you have an innovative digital solution, but approaching the water market sector looks difficult? Then, join our B2B sessions and seize the opportunity to speak and collaborate with water market experts. WME2018 bilateral meetings will provide participants with the chance to foster their networks, link up with potential stakeholders and receive useful information for businesses projects in Europe, as well as worldwide.

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