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Water Market Europe 2018
Market & Investment for Innovative Digital Solutions

21st of March 2018 Brussels - Blue Point

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Problem Owners

Lars Skov Andersen

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speaker_pic Lars Skov Andersen has 35 years’ experience working in China, South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East on long-term assignments for the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), UK Department of International Cooperation (DfID), World Bank, EU and the Danish Ministry of the Environment. The majority of this experience has been as Team Leader in China and South-East Asia on projects introducing or implementing Integrated Water Resources Management. Since 2007 Mr Andersen has worked with the Ministry of Water Resources of China, first on the EU China River Basin Management Programme and since 2012 for the EU Secretariat of the China Europe Water Platform, which was a principal outcome of the River Basin Management Programme.

Currently Mr Andersen is coordinator of the Working Group set up by the Danish Ministry of the Environment to assist the Ministry implementing the Rural Water and Food Security Focus Area of the China Europe Water Platform and the bilateral cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources and the Shandong Province on Groundwater Management Use and Protection

Valerie Issumo

Prana Sustainable Water
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speaker_picQualified in economy, strategic security and water management, Valerie Issumo turned her 23 years experience in foreign trading and risks management for reaching massively the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Co-founder of Prana Sustainable Water, Valerie Issumo designed the W2AREX. The WasteWater Reuse Exchange commoditizes wastewater recycling capacity units to bridge the funding gap for wastewater recycling infrastructures and to change productions to more responsable and drivers of new revenues. Our W2AREX solution matches offers and demands of treated wastewater embedded or not in goods/services forward deliveries at B2B levels. Those priced matchings allow therefore to value at C2B the wastewater resources that can give by-products or recovered products with a combined higher value than clean water. The wastewater recycler can select and smart meter wastewater resources supplies easy to treat and from which fertilisers, energy, bio-cements …etc.. and therefore can release pressures on strategic resources. This means that products entering the composition of wastewater or ending in wastewater can influence wastewater, energy and water prices. This digitalisation opens the possibility for the presently 2,3 bn people without access to sanitation to get dignity and revenues through the sales of their wastewater. The digitalising of wastewater and water flows allows synergies (e.g. with carbon credits via wastewater energy generation), transparency, costs and risks reductions, new markets, new jobs and efficiency.