Solution Provider: ITG. Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia.

Name of the organisation

ITG. Instituto Tecnológico De Galicia

Contact Person

Juan Luis Sobreira Seoane

Targeted Markets: Beyond Europe

Description of the Solution

SANePLAN is an ICT – Decision Support System focused on urban planning, sanitation networks management and participative governance.

The aim of SANePLAN is to contribute to the improvement of the water governance by an intensive use of data, as well as providing information to all the main stakeholders involved.

The main features of SANePLAN are infrastructure asset management, incidents, maintenance and conservation, real time monitoring, costs and environmental impact.

SANePLAN includes an easy friendly interface that allows upload high amounts of spatial and numerical data as well as a bi-directional integration with SWMM. It has been tested in 5 real scenarios (> 100.000 population equivalent) in Spain and Italy

A new version will be available in the third quarter of 2018. It will include a pack of features focused on drinking water management and its architecture will be improved in order to take advantage of all the possibilities of big-data technologies

Main Innovative Element:

GIS -Web technologies
Embebed monitoring capacity
Integration of Sanitation and Urban Planning
It involves several stakeholders

Kinds of Problems

Problems: leaks of data and information and non-participative governance. SANePLAN
a) Reduces leaks of information and knowledge (infraestructure, costs.)
b) Inproves the governance (water and urban planning)
c) Transforms technical data (modelling outputs) in decission information
d) Allows increasing the knowledge about the sanitation netwoork (monitoring embebed)
e) Allows saving costs
Please check the "Laymand Report" available on web site SANePLAN was co-funded by LIFE Programme (EC).