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Water Market Europe 2018
Market & Investment for Innovative Digital Solutions

21st of March 2018 Brussels - Blue Point

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Charlie Walker

Global Water Intelligence

Session Title: The Water Market: Overview and Perspectives for the Digital Domain
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speaker_picCharlie is Technology Editor for Global Water Intelligence, and is responsible for the CTO section of the GWI magazine. This section looks at new water technologies, the dynamics of different technology markets, and the latest information on what’s going on in the digital world of water. Prior to his current role, Charlie was a research analyst at GWI, co-authoring several market reports covering different aspects of the water sector.

Guido Schmidt

EIP Water

Session Title: Public-sector opportunities emerging via the EU Partnerships on water in India and Iran
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speaker_picGuido Schmidt is German PhD at the Austrian Fresh-Thoughts Consulting GmbH with 25 years’ experience about better understanding, preventing and/or solving water and environmental problems and conflicts. He participates at the event as Head of the Secretariat of the European Innovation Partnership on Water, role he has been developing since 2012. Furthermore, he has participated in the recent past as topic lead in European Commission projects to expand cooperation with other countries, namely the India-EU Water Partnership and the Initial exchanges between Iran and the EU on environment and adaptation to climate change, in order to develop a roadmap for cooperation on water and marine issues. Guido is furthermore involved in several projects addressing the Nexus, such as the “Nexus Assessment in South East Europe” (for GWP-Med), and the Horizon 2020 “Sustainable Integrated Management FOR the NEXUS of water-land-food-energy-climate for a resource-efficient Europe (SIM4NEXUS)”.

Gaëtane Suzenet

Impact Partners

Session Title: From Research to Market: Funding Opportunities from the Venture Capitalist Perspective
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speaker_pic Gaëtane SUZENET is Managing Partner of International Impact Partners, a global company working in partnership with public institutions, investment funds, industries, large technology companies, SMEs and start-ups on developing their innovation and investment portfolios, undertaking technology benchmarking and facilitating partnerships, market development and access, in the water and environment sectors. Gaëtane SUZENET builds on 20 years of experience in Europe, covering innovation, policy-making, financing, investment and project building and management. Gaëtane SUZENET is Independent Board Member of the French listed company AMOEBA. She sits on the Executive Committee of the European Innovation Partnership on Water. She is Knight of the National Order of Merit.

Manuel Mendigutia

EASME/European Commission

Session Title: SME Instrument Phase 3

speaker_pic Manuel is strategy adviser and project manager at the SME Instrument unit in the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (EASME) of the European Commission. He works in the implementation of the SME Instrument of the European Innovation Council (EIC), a 3-Billion-€ programme under Horizon 2020 investing and accelerating SMEs with the ambition and potential to engage in innovation-driven growth on the European and global market. Manuel is member of the business acceleration team where he is in charge of corporates, stakeholders' strategy and the management of the Overseas trade fairs programme. With more than 15 years of experience in the European arena, he has developed his professional career in the fields of economic development and business innovation. Manuel holds a degree in economics from the University of Salamanca with specialization in European affairs in the University of Leuven and a Master in international business economics from the Leuven school of business and economics. He also holds a diploma from the Spanish diplomatic school.

Jaime Cuykens

ING Belgium

Session Title: Financial insights to innovate in a sustainable manner towards the market uptake
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speaker_pic Jaime Cuykens is an ex-entrepreneur and founding partner at the Vascobelo Group, a succesful coffee trading business which scaled from 0 to 5 Million euro in revenue in less than 4 years, with offices in London, Amsterdam and Tokyo. He graduated in Business Administration at the University of Antwerp and specialized in corporate venturing and disruptive innovation. Today he leads a growing team of Innovation Bankers at ING Bank and advices fast-growing tech startups with their finance and expansion.

Btissam Sebbah

ING Belgium

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speaker_picSebbah Btissam is working for Ing Belgium since 2010. She is specialized to support companies and self-employed. She is also in charge of innovation banking to supporting start-ups by providing them advice and networking. She is also part of innovation banking team of Jaime Cuykens, Innovation expert at ING.

Pascal Dauthuille

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speaker_picWith the kind participation of Pascal Dauthuille - WssTP Board Member