Solution Provider: WaterWindow Initiative

Name of the organisation

WaterWindow Initiative

Contact Person

Joost de Haan

Targeted Markets: Europe

Description of the Solution is the European Information Sharing Platform for Water and Climate Solutions for end users focussed at information exchange by end users within and between Member States. On WaterWindow, end users can find suitable existing solutions for their problems. All solutions, products and services are linked to a successful practical situation in all member states and provide useful information regarding the involved solution, involved parties, suppliers and clients. It shares key results from EU funded projects on the topics of water and climate, set out in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Main Innovative Element:

- Permanent online Information Sharing Platform for Water and Climate solutions (with and without European funding).
- Search engine that allows users to find solutions by only knowing the characteristics of their problems.
- All available solutions are rated on their maturity level (development).
- Available solutions are showcased in relation to the problem they solve.
- Both end users and solution providers are able to showcase their solutions.

Kinds of Problems

- Poor findability of (re)useable and available water- and climate solutions.
- Limited and inefficient exchange of reusable water and climate solutions.
- Suboptimal and unsolved water and climate problems.
- Duplication in solution development.
- Information on water and climate solutions is locked within functional silo’s.
- Limited exchange of learned lessons and best practices of solution implementation.
- Difficult access to government /industrial references for successful solution providers.